Your questions answered

Q: Do you supply direct to the general public?

A: No, we do not supply direct. We only supply to Wholesalers. If you contact us, we can direct you to your nearest supplier.

Q: Where can I find a Distributor of your cakes?

A: Please complete the form on our Contact page or telephone our Head Office on: +44 (0)1440 761079

Q: I am a member of the public, where can I buy your cakes?

A: Please contact our Sales Office on 01440 761079, they will be happy to help.

Q: Where in the UK do you supply?

A: We supply nationwide, including Wales and Scotland.

Q: Where do you manufacture your cakes?

A: We make all our products on-site in a modern, purpose-built bakery in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Q: Do you make all your own cakes?

A: Yes, we make all our cakes ourselves.

Q: How should your cakes be stored?

A: Our cakes should be stored at ambient temperature and not in a fridge or freezer.

Q: What Ingredients are used in your products?

A: We endeavour to source the finest ingredients and materials, including Miller Flour from W.H Marriages & Sons.

Q: Are any of your cakes Gluten Free?

A: No, all our cakes contain gluten – either from Wheat Flour or Oats.

Q: Are your cakes GM Free??

A: Yes. We do not use any Genetically Modified ingredients. The ingredients we use are verified and traceable to their sources.

Q: What is the Shelf Life of your cakes?

A: Shelf life varies according to the type of cake. You will find the Best Before Date printed on the packaging.

Q: How much do your cakes weigh?

A: Please see Product Information pages.

Q: What Packaging is used for your cakes?

A: Most products are wrapped in clear printed film. Some cakes are supplied in printed, counter display boxes as well.

Q: Where can I get Point-of-Sale materials?

A: Please contact your Supplier. Alternatively, use the Contact Page to make an enquiry, and provide us with your full name and address details. We will then arrange for POS items to be sent out to you.

Q: What Accreditations do you have?

A: We are accredited to the BRC Global Standard in Food Safety, Grade A, and we also hold STS Certification, both of which we have had for several years. We also have a St Edmundsbury Council Hygiene ‘Scores on the Doors’ Certificate with 5 out of 5 stars.

Q: How do I make a complaint?

A: If you wish to make a complaint, please contact our Head Office on 01440 761079 or, alternatively, use the form on the Contact page to send us details.