Trade Orders

The Wicked Cake Company does not sell its products directly to the public. Our network of Foodservice Wholesalers delivers our cakes to retail outlets such as Coffee Shops, Sandwich Bars, Leisure Centres, Hotels and Service Stations.

We supply direct to:

• Wholesalers and Distributors
• Airline and Railway Caterers
• Cash & Carry Outlets
• NHS: Hospital Supply Chain
• Delicatessen Suppliers
• University Catering Services
* Vending Machine Suppliers
* The Catering Trade

We also carry out own-label manufacturing.

We deliver throughout the UK and Ireland and all deliveries are sent out on pallets (including mixed pallets).

Our minimum order value is £600.

We have a comprehensive sales support programme which includes Special Promotions, Sales Incentives, Sales Literature and Product Samples.

If you think you might like to sell our Wicked Cakes please email – or contact our Head Office on 01440 761079.

Alternatively, we will be happy to arrange for one of our National Sales Representatives to call and discuss our product range with you.